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PRO-TEC, Inc. introduces a new product which prevents and stops corrosion and oxidation of battery posts and battery cables.  Due to the extreme effectiveness and ease of use, this product has been properly named, "WHIP".

Whip is simple and easy to apply using the applicator brush which is furnished in the bottle.  Clean up of previous corrosion is NOT necessary, unless desired.  Whip stops corrosive action on contact and is easy to clean up with any oil based solvent.

Made in the USA

   16 oz                          
      16 oz whip
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Whip works great as a deep penetrating 
solution.  Apply to any rusted bolt, nut or 
screw and let it sit for an extended time. 
The longer it sits, the better the penetration
and the easier it is to remove.  This 
product is ideal for someone restoring 
old cars, working on trucks or repairing 
farm equipment.


Moisture/Water Repellant
To protect bolts, screws and wire connections that are under water or are in extremely wet conditions, apply Whip.
(Not recommended for moving or flowing water)

      2 oz

               2 oz whip

Large Container of Whip        Small Container of Whip
Weight:  16 fl oz (1 Pt.) Weight:  2 fl oz
Approx. 120 batteries Approx. 15 batteries
Item #: WHP16 Item #:  WHP02
Price:  $23.00 Price:  $5.00
Large Whip with shipping

Large Whip with shipping


Small Whip with shipping
Small Whip with shipping


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