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WELCOME TO OUR PAGE!  We're sure the useful unique products we carry will be a must in your shop or home!  Check out all the products.  We'll probably add more from time to time.

The first product that we started with in 1989, is a Kansas made product that controls battery corrosion and rust, called WHIP!  
It got it's name because it can Whip all corrosion problems.  
Seeing is believing!

Our second product is called CLAMPTITE!  Invented back in the 50's, now with over 30 patents, you'll want one of every size.  No more screw type hose clamps, you can repair anything from wood to rope!  

               "Will mend anything but a broken heart!"    broken heart.jpg

Stubborn grease zerks brought out our third product, the "Original" GREASE BUSTER!  It opens up dirty, clogged zerks so they will take grease to prolong the life of your equipment.  It was invented by a farmer seeing a great need!

July 2001 brought a deadline for all trailers traveling on public highways to be marked, so then came our fourth product, REFLECTIVE TAPE!  Our tape is self adhesive and has a 7 year durability rating.  You will be seen and safe!  You'll find hundreds of things that can use reflective tape.

fifth product we sell is S.F.R.  We carry a great line up of oil and fuel additives for all your needs.  Be sure to check out these products."

We ship our products all over the United States and are always looking for new Dealers!  Call us anytime.  We'll get you in touch with a Distributor in your area!




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