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Stubborn grease zerks won't resist grease any longer with  the "Original" GREASE BUSTER!  
It opens up dirty, clogged zerks so they will take grease to prolong the life of your equipment.

Grease Buster-

        7 1/4" long, 3/4" Shank
Grease Buster-
Heavy Duty Shop 
          8 1/2"     long, 1" shank

Shop Size Pneumatic Powered Grease Buster

Pneumatic Piston for Shop
Grease Buster
grease buster.jpg
grease buster.jpg
Item #  GB/REG Item #:  GB/SHP Item# GB/PP Set Item# GB/Piston
Cost:  $32.00

Cost:  $42.00

Cost:  $60.00 Cost:  $18.00
GB Regular with shipping
GB shop with shipping
GB/PP Set with shipping
GB/Piston includes shipping

Reflective Tape
reflector tape.jpg  
This tape is re-positional, self adhesive and has a 7 year durability rating.  You will be seen and safe!  There are hundreds of ways you can use reflective tape.
1 Box
Reflective Tape
Item #:  R/TAPE 
Cost:  $130.00
Reflective tape with shipping

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Superior Friction Reduction

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